Váradi Jam Factory

Váradi Jam Factory was founded on the 18th June 2008, 6pm. That was the first day that the band as it is today, has gotten together and rehearsed in a garage in Paks, Hungary. We play there until this day (however, the amount of rehearsals and concerts has dropped since I’m living in Germany since 2010).


Our music is a fusion of jazz, funk, blues and rock. We are all originally from the city of Paks, Hungary – and we know eachother from our early childhood on (at least from sight). I used to chat with Tárnok Tomi via MSN chat, and throught that I’ve learned, that he played guitar. We felt sympathy from day one, and if we’d meek on a rare occasion, we would talk about making a band. Váradi Blues Band was the original name we wanted to go with, and we tried a drummer, Péter Pázmándi (one of Tom’s collegues from a different band, called Crazy Goats). We rehearsed with Péter a couple of times, but the project just didn’t go well. Marcell was taking english lessons from my mom, so he was a guest at our flat every now and then. I sort of remembered from my childhood, that he played drums, so I asked if he would be interested in joining us. On the above-mentioned date, we went out to our garage, and hauled the complete drumset by hand, hoping that the effort will be worth it. All of our expectations we’re more than fulfilled, so it was never of question whether we should stay together.


Our premiere concert was on the 23rd august 2008, in the Galaxy Bar in Paks (the name and owner of the venue has changed since). We’ve played in the Café 42 in Paks (the name and owner of the venue has changed since). We jammed in 2010 at the Pünkösd Festival in Paks (for approx. 10 people if I recall correctly):

We did a concert at the Gastroblues Bar on the 30th of June 2010 (the name and owner of the venue has changed since). After 2010 I spent less and less time in Hungary, so we only did yearly concerts and rehearsals, mostly at the Café Bongó in Paks (the name and owner of the venue has changed since). We played there on the 25th august 2011 and 25th august 2012.

In our garage No.  191 we also had private concerts, for example on the 24th august 2013. Here’s our homemade propaganda for the 2012 Café Bongo gig:


Our first recordings we’re done at the Matus Rehearsal Rooms in the city of Pécs. Our second, newest album was recorded at the Durer studio, Budapest.Band members and guest musicians(*):



Szájharm*:Gábor Váradi


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