Joon Wolfsberg

I joined this ’60s inspired psychadelic rock/country band in may 2014. They have had 7 bass guitarists in the past 1,5 years, so they were looking for an anchor point in a bassplayer.

We can fill 2-3 stage program with mostly our own songs, but also with cover songs from popular rock/country/pop bands, on demand.

Joe, and his daughter, Joon, are singer/songwriters originally from Köln, now living in Erfurt, Germany. Toni ist the guitarist, he also sings vocals. Micha is on drums, with a lot of taste and very good dynamics.

Here’s a bit of the band’s biography:

“In July 2010 she recorded a demo album ‘Green Boots’. Shortly after the ‘Green Boots’ album promotion tour her father Joe Wolfsberg contacted the US music producer Zach Allen, who agreed to produce the album ‘Made in USA’. The 2011 at Tracking Room Studios in Nashville, Tennessee recorded album ‘Made in USA’ features musicians like Dave Roe (bass player for Johnny Cash, early 1990s-2003), Buddy Hyatt (Piano, Toto), Shawn Fichter (Drums, Peter Frampton) and others.

In 2012, her song „Please“ reached in Switzerland a very known status and it got hot rotation airplay on Radio Swiss Pop.

From January to April 2012 Joon recorded her second album ‘Wonderland’ together with Brad Smith (bass), Christopher Thorn (e-guitar) of the US-based band Blind Melon and Pearl Jam drummer Dave Krusen. The album sold out on on the night of its release.

In 2013 Joon she recorded her third album ‘Revolujoon’ which features former Yardbirds lead vocalist and bassist John Idan on bass, Toni Funk on guitar and Micha Mihla on drums.”

Her newest album, ‘The Deluxe Underdog’ is currently being promoted on our gigs.

Hanging out together is something we do and enjoy a lot, we also have 3 fotographers in the band! Joe used to be a professional freelance photographer, Joon continues his craft, and myself, Zsolt, I’m a videographer by trade. That’s why there’s a high chance, that good pictures and videos will surface at the end of each trip, such as:

Band members:

Toni Funk

Lead Guitar:

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