Hire me!


1. Bands
If you’re looking for a bassist in your professional band with oncoming performance dates, I’ll join you gladly. Any genre.

You’re bassist got sick? I’ll jump in as a short-term substitute, no problem. I’m also available as a touring bassist. I’ve had the experience of 3 european tours: sleeping on the bus and traveling 12.000 km-s in a week is no problem for me.

2. Lessons & Coaching

  • at your place
  • at my place (Budapest)
  • in a rehearsal room / studio
  • on Skype

3. Home Recording
Are you a composer missing someone to track your bass parts?
Are you a studio looking for a bassist to play the lines in a song for you?
Are you an instrument manufacturer in need of high-quality sound samples of your bass?

I’m ready to deliver the recordings you need!

  • any genre (jazz / funk / blues / rock / metalcore / djent are preffered)
  • precision ‘on the beat’ playing
  • high quality audio
  • no hum or background noise
  • amp & cab simulation with a variety of VSTs available
  • standardized sample rates, such as 44.100 Hz and 48.000 Hz
  • other sample rates (8000-192.000) with extra charge
  • available delivery formats:
    • 8/16/24 bit PCM WAV with or without BWF
    • 16 bit FLAC
    • 320kbit/s CBR MP3 (also as preview)
  • you can deliver the lines to me as:
    • tabulature (TAB): any format (text, digital, GPX; handwriting with extra charge)
    • sheet music: digital (handwriting with extra harge)
    • music only: any format (download, USB-drive, CD, DVD, casette, vinyl, minidisc, memory cards)
    • bassline only: any format
    • music with bassline (extra charge): any format

Available instruments for bass tracking:

  • Fender USA Jazz Bass (active, ’60s pickup position)
  • Fibenare Globe Bass (2x super-jazz pickups in series/parallel)
  • Höfner 185 Bass (Paul McCartney style sound with 2 humbuckers)
  • other instruments on request!

4. Repairwork
String action too high? Playing comfort could be better?

Your guitar or bass doesn’t have the tone you would like to have (or has no tone at all)? You just want a good quality, reliable cable confectioned for you? In that case, I’m also offering repair work:

  • guitar / bass complete setup
  • accurate problem analysis and precise replacement part orders
  • advice on matching hardware or electronics for your instruments – to get your own tone
  • replacing or changing potentiometers
  • resoldering electronics
  • pickup repairs


I’m available for the following productions as a cameraman and cutter:

1. Music videos
Example 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEgl5HdPlLc
Example 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8JG22VbbGQ

2. Bass guitar demos, tests, reviews
Examples: http://youtube.com/user/varadibass

3. Videojournalism & Camerawork
Example: www.salve.tv/web/de/webtv/webtv.php?videoID=13219

4. Cutting
Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24_gDa6wzgw